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        1.   Wuhan G·star Technology co., LTD
          About Us
          Location: Home> About us > Introduce

          Wuhan Gstar is a domestic leading supplier of equipment and solutions in the field of laser applications. We are fully committed to continuous innovation subject to the various needs of clients and dedicated to offering competitive solutions and services of ITO film laser for touch screen manufacturer clusters in order to enhance customer experience and best benefits. Leveraging on doctor-based expertise team and sustained investment in R&D, Gstar’s products and solutions have been used in a whole spectrum of well-known touch screen manufacturers within a wide range so as to assist our clients in demanding requirements for the high-quality touch screens in the consumption market, including our myriad contributions to smart phones, Tablet PCs and interactive terminals which have been serving a whole series of internationally commercial, consumption and academic occasions.

          With the ongoing revolutionary changes and explosive growth in the intelligent touch screen industry, Gstar makes strategic R&D adjustment as “manufacturing a generation, preparing a generation and reserving a generation”. For this purpose, we will not only look upon domestic touch screen manufacturer clusters as our partners, but also extend our portfolio to worldwide manufacturers in coordination with scientific research and production organizations at home and abroad in order to improve laser equipment manufacturing, actively provide more laser etching equipment with higher precision, yield and activation, and process solutions, and enable clients with efficient, environmental-friendly and creative application experience.

          All rights reserverd G-star Corporation.
          Admin:+86-27-59202231 Fax:+86-27-59716658 Cell Phone:+86-13507185863 Email:huangbo@gstarlaser.com
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